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 Terezin also known as Theresienstadt was both a ghetto and a concentration/labor camp created by the German SS.  The propaganda machine dispensed the myth that Theresienstadt was a "spa town" where Jews who were elderly, disabled, or domestic celebrities in the arts or other cultural life could "retire" in safety.  The reality was that Theresienstadt was a collection center for deportation to ghettos and the extermination centers in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe. 

In spite of the terrible living conditions and constant threat of deportation, Theresienstadt had a highly developed cultural life.  Outstanding Jewish artists created drawings and painiting often depicting the ghetto's harsh reality.  Writers, musicians, professors, and actors gave lectures, concerts, and theatrical performances.  These were encouraged by the SS as a means of perpetuating the myth of Theresienstadt. 

The darkness was lifted on May 8, 1945. 

Lest we forget...

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